Hitou no Yado Gensenkan

Address 101 Yumotoshiobara, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi
Phone 0287-32-3155
Store hours Check-in:15:00

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Ou hotel is located along the Motoyu Onsen, the hidden gem of upper Shiobara. You can enjoy three different kinds of onsens such as milky colored and greenish colored onsens in the stream-side outdoor spa, the large bath, the cypress-style bath or the rock-style bath (mixed M/F bathing as well as women only bathing time available). At the traditional Shiobara Spa Festival, the water from our onsen is offered to each of the 11 Shiobara altar. “A bath a day keeps the doctor away”; known for its effects on alleviating nerve pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and gout, our onsen has been loved and enjoyed for generations. We also have the rare drinking hot spring water.

Please enjoy our sulfur-rich onsen, which contains the highest level of sulfur in Japan at 90.2 mg. For breakfast, we prepare rice porridge made with the drinkable hot spring water. Please come and experience for yourself the effects of onsen from both the outside and inside the body.                    

Both day-trip and short-stay plans are available, on which you can enjoy Takao no Yu’s large bath and the stream-side outdoor bath.


New Information

In addition to the standard accommodation plan, we also offer various plans including couples plan, lady’s plan, dinner-included plan, breakfast-included plan, accommodation-only plan, and hot springs healing plan. In addition to the day trip plan, short stay plans at party rooms and guest rooms are also available. We also offer a two-meal included day trip plan (breakfast and dinner) in which you can stay from 10:00 to 21:00. For lunch-included short stay plans, please make a reservation by the day before your planned stay. For more information, please refer to the official site of Hitou no Yado Gensenkan.