Shiobara Onsen Toteyaki

Address 675-9 Shiobara, Nasushiobara
Phone 0287-32-2301

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"Toteyaki" shaped like a clarion that was used to be blown on horse carriages in the old days is made using ingredients such as locally produced milk and eggs. You can enjoy the unique Toteyaki with different fillings at 12 stores.

It is rolled using dough, looks like crepe and has sponge cake-like texture.

Toteyaki Nasukogen brand is issued to Kazumasa Shioda (Local Toteyaki Committee Chair)

Special information

Dough uses milk and eggs from the city of Nasushiobara.

The inside filling is unique to each store and comes in great varieties: some offer sweet stuff while others offer fuller ingredients such as noodle or meat.