Pasteurized milk "Shiobara Milk"

Address 466-1, Shimotano, Nasushiobara
Phone 0287-35-3601

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We provide safe and delicious milk.

Safe and delicious "live milk" using only good quality milk collected from the local dairy farmers partnering with Houkine Dairy Farmers Cooperative. It is made by HTST (High-Temperature/Short-Time) Pasteurization at 72 degrees C for 15 seconds (international standard)which is popular in Europe and the U.S.

Sinsei-Rakunou Corporation

Special information

Shiobara Milk is on sale at Daiyu Supermarket Nasu Kogen store, Mimasuya Supermarket (Nishinasuno store) and Michi no Eki (road side rest area), Meijinomori/Kuroiso and Yunoka Shiobara.