Itamuro Onsen Hot Springs

Address Itamuro, Nasushiobara
Phone 0287-62-7156

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Quiet hot springs in the mountain

Itamuro Onsen is a quiet hot spring area in the mountains along the upstream of the fresh stream, Nakagawa River, and is at the west end of Nasu mountain range. It at about 550 meters above sea level and in Nikko National Park, where rich natural landscape and environment are protected. The views of fresh greenery and autumn foliage along the valley are spectacular, and the area is popular as a driving course.

The spring quality is 37℃ to 45℃ mild simple alkaline. Itamuro Onsen has been known as therapeutic bath for cure and recreation.

Special information

There are many hotels where long-stay travelers can stay at a discount!

The hot spring village consists of the hotels along the Nakagawa River and its tributary. Seventeen hotels and inns including the ones in the nearby area can accommodate over 1,000 people. There are still Japanese-style wooden buildings and the town is still filled with atmosphere of the past. You can feel the history and atmosphere of the therapeutic hot spring.