Hunter Mountain Shiobara

Address Yumotoshiobara-aza-maekuro, Nasushiobara
Phone 0287-32-4580
Store hours 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.(The time may differ according to season)
Open seven days a week during skiing season

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Hunter Mountain Shiobara is on the slope in the northwest of Mt. Takaharayama with easy access of 150 minutes from Tokyo. You can enjoy "Hunter Mountain Lily Park," the biggest lily park in Japan using the ski slope in summer, and "Gondola in Autumn Colors" which lets you see the autumn foliage of Mt. Takaharayama from the sky. It is popular with young people as the biggest ski slope in the Tokyo metropolitan area in winter. You can have fun here in all seasons.

Special information

Gondola in Autumn Colors

Gondolas are operated along "Nichien Momiji Line," the famous spot for autumn foliage in fall. You can enjoy panoramic autumn foliage by taking the cable car. It is a 10-minute 2,400-meter ride to the summit at 1,600 meters above sea level in a six-seater cable car.

The fee is 1,500 yen for adult, 700 yen for children (three to elementary school student) and a pet.

Summit path

You can enjoy a walk and mild trekking through a boardwalk.

The view of the Kanto Plain and Nikko mountain range seen from the observation spot is spectacular.

A kid's park opens during winter, so a family with small children can have fun here.

There are a restaurant and souvenir shop.


【1 day ski ticket】

Adult 4,700 yen
Senior  4,200 yen (Over 55 years old, posting of identification card is required)
Elementary school student 3,700 yen

【4 hour ticket】
Adult 4,400 yen
Senior  3,900 yen (Over 55 years old, posting of identification card is required)
Elementary school student  3,400 yen

【Point Coupon】
1 point ticket 470 yen
10 point ticket 4,200 yen

* Points necessary for using each lift (gondola: 3 points, Hunter Quad lift: 2 points, other lifts: 1 point)

【Family Pack (1 day ticket + meal ticket)】
<Basic set> 1 adult and 1 child 9,000 yen (with a meal ticket of 2,000 yen)
Adult 1 additional person 5,000 yen (with 1,000 yen meal ticket)
One additional child 4,000 yen (with a meal ticket of 1,000 yen)

* Various credit cards and QuickPay, nanaco, WAON can be used.