Kinomata Keikoku Valley

Address Momura, Nasushiobara
Phone 0287-62-7156

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The stream of the Kinomatagawa River, the tributary of the Nakagawa River is literally fresh. This valley is a great spot as there are many trees along the valley and you can enjoy fresh greenery, autumn foliage and the colonies of Toisusu urbaniana trees (wide-leaved willow).

There is a path from the downstream of Kinomata Bridge to the junction of the main stream of the Nakagawa River, so you can enjoy a walk feeling the greatness of the nature in the landscape created by plants, fantastically-shaped rocks, etc.

After the completion of Huge Rock Suspension Bridge over the Kinomatagawa River in July 2013, it is possible to walk around the area.

There is a small parking lot upstream of the Kinomata Bridge. You can go to the garden to touch the clean water.

Special information

The length of the sidewalk is approx. 2 km.