Kurenai no Tsuribashi (suspension bridge)

Address Shiobara-aza-furumachi, Nasushiobara
Phone 0287-32-2914 
Store hours Open: seven days a week

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紅の吊橋 (3).JPG

A suspension bridge over the Houkigawa River behind Shiobara Imagination Archives. It was completed in 2003. There is a path across the bridge, and "Momiji no Yu," a public open-air bath in the vicinity.

It is a major spot for autumn foliage in Shiobara, and convenient to reach tourist spots such as Myōunji temple from there.

Special information

There are major spots famous for fresh greenery and autumn foliage in Shiobara in the vicinity, and a 900-meter properly-maintained path where you can enjoy the beautiful valley across the bridge. Myōunji temple of Rinzai School of Buddhism is famous as where "Shiobara Hot Spring Botan (Japanese Peony) Festival" is held. Many tourists visit there around May, in the seasons of beautiful fresh greenery and peony. The length of the bridge is 52.5 meters.