Otome no Taki Waterfall (Waterfall of Young Girl)

Address Itamuro, Nasushiobara
Phone 0287-62-7156

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A beautiful fall in the Sawanagawa River of approx. five meters in width and dozen meters in height, flowing from Shirasasayama Mountain. It shows various views according to seasons and water volume.

There are different stories about the origin of the name of the waterfall including a local folk tale as below.

A long time ago, when a young local fisher visited the Sawanagawa River, a beautiful young blind girl appeared on the fall. It is said that this story was introduced to the village people and the waterfall was named after it later. This young girl seems to have something to do with the folk tale related to Komoriishi (Nursery Store) in Numappara Marshlands at the upper stream of the Sawanagawa River, and the legend has it that she is a personification of a blind snake.

Special information

Path: There is a Kanbakudai (stage to view the fall) about 30 meters down the stairs from the parking lot, and you can reach the waterfall basin about 30 meters further down the stairs.