Ryukanotaki Falls (Dragon Falls)

Address Shiobara, Nasushiobara
Phone 0287-32-2914

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Ryukanotaki Falls are major falls in Shiobara. It was named after the stream in three stages between sheer rocks which looks as if a dragon is climbing toward the sky.

Its length is 130 meters which is the longest among the 10 most famous falls in Shiobara, the height is approx. 60 meters and the width is approx. five meters. They flow down in three stages.

There are over a hundred falls in Shiobara. Ryukanotaki Falls are said to be the most beautiful one among the 10 most famous and beautiful falls in Shiobara.

Special information

There is a properly-maintained path from the parking lot along the national road, and you can see Hōsetsunotaki (Snow Fall) and Fukyonotaki (Windy Fall) on the way. As this is a short easy-to-walk course without many ups and downs, many people including groups of family can enjoy walking there.