Shikimitei Fujiya

Address 675 Kamishiobara, Nasushiobara, Tochigi
Phone Telephone:0287-32-2761 Fax:0287-32-2762
Store hours Check-in:3:00

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四季味亭 ふじやstyle料理プラン2.jpg

■ Three reasons to choose this hotel ■

① A big bath can be chartered by two people. If you check in by 5 p.m., you can charter the big public bath for free if it is not in use. There are baths with bathtubs made by rocks and indoor baths made of flagrant wood. Please have a happy time with your travel companion. 

② 【Delicious meals】 x 【Hot springs】 You will be beautified from the inside of your body by our meals, and your skin will be in a good condition thanks to the hot springs. You can enjoy meals in private dining rooms. Ingredients and dishes are both carefully selected The colorful meals are breathtakingly beautiful.

③ There are five types of distinct guest rooms for a couple: rooms with an open-air bath with a Japanese cypress (hinoki) tub, a bath in the garden or a deck, Japanese-style room with a massage chair, Japanese-Western style rooms with innovative designs, etc. Please enjoy a relaxing time with your partner seeing the views from the windows such as fresh greenery or autumn foliage in Shiobara.


Meals such as five-star dinner and breakfast with steamed egg custard (Chawanmushi) with shark fin are served in private dining rooms. Please enjoy a relaxing time at an adult hotel of high grade where harmony and nature coexist.☆