Yamanoyado Shimofujiya

Address 11 Yumotoshiobara, Nasushiobara, Tochigi
Phone Telephone:0287-31-1111 Fax:0287-32-2416
Store hours Check-in:15:00

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"Okushiobara Arayu Onsen" is located in the highest place in Shiobara Onsen Village, and has "sulfurous spring" in the premise. Our hot springs use 100% natural hot spring water with kakenagashi system (the water comes directly from the hot spring source, which is the fumaroles in the mountain behind Shimofujiya). The water is turbid "sulfurous" spring water with distinctive odor which is typical of hot springs. Professor Matsuda known as a professor of hot springs has used the hot springs at this hotel and given his seal of approval to their effects of spring water. Our hot springs are on the ranking list of the hot springs in Heisei era among the ones in eastern Japan. Shiobara Onsen is full of foods made by natural blessings, such as vegetables, wild mountain vegetables, river fish and meat. Meals are served using ingredients we carefully choose, such as Japanese black marbled beef which dissolves on your tongue, “Sangenton" pork which is light but rich and tasty, locally produced fresh vegetables and char fish that grow in clean river water.


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