Okushiobara Kogen Hotel

Address 113-4 Yumotoshiobara, Nasushiobara, Tochigi
Phone Telephone:0287-32-2464 Fax:0287-32-4028
Store hours Check-in:15:00

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A modern hotel with hot springs with a combination of a Japanese style and Western style along the Nichien Momiji Line. You can enjoy the seasonal views such as fresh greenery in spring, autumn foliage and winter scenery from the room of the hotel in the mountains. Turbid sulfurous hot springs with gensen kakenagashi system (water comes directly from the hot spring source) is said to cure rheumatism and neuralgia significantly, and pour into the eight bath tubs including the three chartered open-air baths continuously. Everybody including family groups and elderly people can have fun here through the year.

Special information

"Momiji," a chartered barrier-free bath has been available since January 2013.